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List of supplies

Supply List for Daycare Children (3 to 5) 

The following is a list of the items your child will need while he/she is at daycare.

- 1 lunch bag
- 1 back pack
- 1 pair of indoor shoes or slippers (non-skid soles)
- 1 water bottle
- 1 complete change of clothing (socks and undies too please)
- 1 blanket or comfort toy from home for nap time (if applicable)
- Weather appropriate extras ie: boots, hats, mittens, rain jacket etc.

Supply List for Daycare Children (Infants and Toddlers) 

- Diapers for the whole day (4+)
- Diaper Cream (if applicable)
- Baby Wipes
- 1 complete set of clothing including socks
- sleepers(2), undershirts(2)
- a blanket for nap time
- inside slippers or shoes (non-skid soles please)
- Enough food for one lunch and two snacks with a drink
- Appropriate outdoor clothing
- Sunscreen (summer)

We encourage the children to be as independent as possible. Please send finger foods for snacks, unless your child is able to use a spoon accurately.