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Illness is a common problem in preschools and daycares, but because we sometimes have medically fragile children involved in our programs, it is of particular importance that children with signs of illness do not attend Ladybug. We have enclosed a copy of guidelines for illness in daycare to help parents decide whether or not a child should attend preschool. When in doubt, keep them out, or call us for clarification.

We would appreciate being informed if your child will not be attending Ladybug because of illness or other reasons. Parents can call during office hours or can leave a message on our answering machine at any time.

If a child is sick at our centre, we will call parents (or emergency numbers) to have the child picked up.

Medication and First Aid Treatment 

Only regular staff will assist children needing first aid treatment and administer medication. LadybugStaff will administer medication to children under special circumstances. Those circumstances must be discussed in advance with Ladybug Supervisor, and under no circumstances will medication ever be administered without written parental consent.