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Free Play

A time for child’s exploration; we follow child’s lead.
Classroom activities are based on the weekly theme.
Exploration and independence are major goals.
Needs communicated non-verbally by the child must be re-interpreted and fed back to the child verbally.

Some basic rules that need to be followed: 

– At Ladybug Landing Child Care Centre we encourage our children to respect each other and themselves.

– The overall guideline for behavior is a “do unto others” message, including “keeping our hands, feet and bodies to ourselves.”

– Staff members enforce this attitude in a respectful way thru modeling, gentle reminders, stories, and thru consistent routines. When the children know what to expect, it helps them to know how to act and react in situations.

– No “crashing-up” – consequence is removal of toy. (Staff will supervise this).

-Turn taking as often as possible – may need to use timer. (Staff will supervise this.)

– Most cleaning up is done at clean-up time. Children are encouraged to put toys away after they are finished playing with them. (i.e. puzzle at toy table, blocks in block area).

– Play dough stays in the play dough corner

– Sand stays in the sandbox.

– Paint smocks are used for painting and are to be replaced afterwards.